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Wheat storage



The wheat is received at the mill by means of a conveyor belt with output of 30 tons per hour. The average daily delivery is 5 truckloads. The wheat in each truckload is analyzed: temperature, H2O, P, PS, impurities and mycotoxins.
The raw material is entirely delivered by truck. Each load is carefully controlled to ensure that the quality of the goods delivered is consistent with the company’s specifications.

2- Storage

Pre-cleaning is carried out to clear any impurities that might alter the quality of the product prior to storing the wheat in silos (eight 150-ton silos and five 75-ton silos).


Each flour requires the gristing of several varieties of wheat. The wheat is cleaned a second time (magnetic cleaning system, wheat brusher, separator, destoner). Then it is tempered to soften the husks for grinding. A period of rest of 24 to 36 hours is systematically allowed before crushing.

Prescribed analysis: protein content, humidity, temperature, specific weight, impurities content, mycotoxin tests

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